The aPriori Product Cost Management software platform improves the financial results of discrete manufacturing and product companies by enabling them to actively control Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) with real-time, predictive and precise product cost assessments. aPriori’s proven and patent-protected software platform allows companies to assess, control and reduce the cost of their products in real time, at any time during design, sourcing and manufacture.

The presentations below are available to help you learn more about aPriori, and how can join the likes of AGCO Corporation, NCR, Gardner Denver, JLG Industries and Pitney Bowes in leveraging the capabilities of aPriori to reduce your product cost.



The Science of Product Cost Management

aPriori is built around the science of product cost management. This is a new discipline to many companies. It is the science behind hitting cost targets the first time, understanding why you may be paying a higher cost for a part than your competitor, and how to close the gap between the costs you are currently paying and the costs you want to be paying.  To watch this presentation, click here.


Benchmark Study:  Product Cost Analytics

Using Product Cost Analytics to Keep Engineering on Schedule and Budget

Michelle Boucher, Senior Research Analyst with the Aberdeen Group, discusses how product cost management technology helps Industry Leaders reduce product cost without negatively impacting schedule or quality.   To watch this presentation, click here.  No registration is required.


For more details on How aPriori Works, we recommend you watch our Product Demo Videos.