aPriori For Suppliers

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

  • It takes too long to get quotes back to potential customers - how can we accelerate this process?
  • My customers are asking for more and more detail on how I generated a cost estimate – how can I possibly keep up with the volume of quote requests AND supply more detail for each quote?
  • I have 8 engineers that develop cost estimates, but each one generates their cost estimate differently - Is there any way I can establish some consistency in our quote generation process?

How aPriori Can Help

OEMs are looking to outsource business to suppliers, but demand accurate and detailed quotations. From the supplier’s perspective, it’s challenging to keep up with the number of business opportunities because generating accurate and detailed quotations is a manual, resource-intensive process. With aPriori, the time required to generate a detailed cost estimate can be reduced from days to minutes.

How much more revenue could you drive if you could respond to double the amount of opportunities you quote today?

For suppliers, one of the first hurdles to overcome in generating a quotation is analyzing a potential customer’s CAD model or drawing, something that often requires the company to support anywhere from 3 to 5 different CAD systems in-house just so they can view the 3D model. aPriori provides complete CAD independence, and can work with 3D CAD models generated by any major CAD modeling system on the market today, including: Pro/ENGINEER, CATIA v5, Siemens NX, Solidworks, SolidEdge and Inventor to name a few. So, no matter what type of CAD model your customer sends to you, aPriori will enable you to quickly and easily open that model, and generate a cost estimate in seconds. You don’t even have to own a license of the source CAD system to open the model in aPriori!

Learn Why SFI Fabrication of Tennessee Chose to Adopt aPriori

aPriori is capable of automatically generating not only the fully burdened cost of a product, but all of the associated detail on how that part can be manufactured most efficiently. Details calculated by aPriori include:

  • Operation and routing selection
  • Machine and tooling selection
  • Estimate of key physical parameters (e.g. rough and scrap mass)
  • Estimate of manufacturing times
  • Estimate of material, labor, overhead, and other variable costs
  • Estimate of tooling, fixtures, and other capital costs

Your customers will take one look at the quote you send them, and know that they are receiving a reasonable price. Your chances for winning the business will go up dramatically when you are able to quickly and easily deliver this level of detail with each and every quote response.

aPriori’s Virtual Production Environments can be completely configured to represent your physical manufacturing facility. This means that the quotes you generate will be highly accurate, and truly representative of the capabilities of your company. It also means that no matter how many different people you have in your company creating cost estimates, they will be consistent each and every time a quote is produced.

The advantages aPriori provides for you as a Supplier are Speed, Detail and Consistency. In a difficult and highly competitive economy, these are truly formidable advantages that can help you win more business and increase revenue for your company.

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