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3/17/2014  aPriori Update Helps Engineers Weigh Cost Viability of Product Designs
While engineers have made simulation of structural properties or fluid dynamics an integral part of their workflows, they haven’t applied the same rigor to analyzing the cost aspect of product designs—a scenario aPriori hopes to change with the latest release of its flagship product cost management software.

3/14/2014  aPriori annonce la version 2014r1 de son logiciel d'optimisation des coûts
aPriori, l’éditeur de solutions d’optimisation des coûts, annonce aujourd’hui le lancement de la nouvelle version de sa plateforme logicielle. La version 2014r1 d’aPriori propose de nombreuses nouvelles fonctions pour une meilleure prédiction des coûts dans un environnement de production international et de chaîne d’approvisionnement complexe.

3/10/2014  Keeping Up With Technology - More Accurate Quotes, Faster
Cost-estimating software is taking mold quoting from back-of-the-envelope guesswork to computer-generated model.

3/7/2014  aPriori Extends Product Cost Management
The latest 2014r1 release targets complexity and cost volatility in global manufacturing enterprises and supply chains

1/15/2014  Contract Manufacturer Switches Cost Management Software and Improves Quote Times By 300%
aPriori Customer Sunset Metal Works is profiled in Modern Application news. Read this case study to learn how Sunset has dramatically improved the speed, consistency and detail of their RFQ responses to customers.

12/2/2013  Die Kosten im Griff
Read an article in Germany's Digital Engineering magazine about aPriori's rapidly growing product cost management practice. Article is in German language and can be found on Page 74-75.

11/29/2013  aPriori investe nel mercato del Sud Europa
Read an article in Computerworld Italy about aPriori's expansion into Southern Europe. Article is in Italian.

11/20/2013  Best Practices for Implementing Product Cost Management
Read article on Product Design & Development's website authored by aPriori's Julie Driscoll, Vice President of Strategic Marketing & Product Management.

11/4/2013  The Network Effect
In economics and business, the network effect is the impact that one user of a good or service has on the value of that product to other people. When the network effect is present, the value of a product or service is amplified as the number of other people using the product increases. Read a great byline article in Supply & Demand Chain Executive written by aPriori's VP of Strategic Marketing & Product Management, Julie Driscoll.

10/10/2013  aPriori selected by FMC Technologies for Enterprise Product Cost Management
French trade magazine Industrie describes how aPriori was recently selected by FMC Technologies to help them implement an enterprise wide product cost management platform.

8/14/2013  How Bissell uses a virtual production environment to estimate molded part costs
Learn how Bissell uses aPriori to control their product costs using aPriori

5/24/2013  NMHG Drives Down Product Costs with Deeper Insight
NMHG’s design engineers could use the aPriori software to quickly and easily compare the cost of different design alternatives and understand the cost impact of different design options...

5/16/2013  Controlling the Cost of Tooling
OEMs are investing in product-cost management, and so are their suppliers: there is a strong desire to understand and control product-cost variables, especially larger expenses like tooling.

5/15/2013  Managing Product Costs Effectively
There are significant business benefits to be gained by managing product costs effectively, and yet many manufacturers still struggle to implement programmes that achieve this.

5/13/2013  Meeting and Beating New Product Cost Targets
The cost implications of design decisions made during the development are often more significant than most manufacturers realize. Profit margins are reduced due to product cost overruns or time to market is delayed due to the need to firefight cost “surprises.” And there is often expensive post-production cost reduction rework required. At the core of all of these challenges is the inability to accurately identify, assess and manage detailed product costs early enough in a product’s lifecycle.

10/23/2012  Your Should Cost Number is Wrong, but it Doesn't Matter
Should cost is not perfect, but it does not matter, because its purpose is to be a leverage tool to improve negotiated cost, regardless of the should-cost number’s absolute accuracy.

10/9/2012  Meeting & Beating New Product Cost Targets
If you are working on a new product development initiative (NPI) for a discrete manufacturer, you’re likely under pressure to develop those products within specific cost, weight, market and quality targets under very tight timeframes. Developing and producing products that can meet all of these criteria, particularly cost, can be extremely challenging. Learn more about how aPriori is helping customers achieve early visibility into product costs that enable smarter decision making and higher likelihood of launching new products at or below target cost in this article.

10/3/2012  Controlling the Cost of Tooling
Tooling costs are increasingly an important area of focus for many discrete manufacturers today as they look for new opportunities to cut product costs without sacrificing product quality. Read how aPriori is helping customers Control the Cost of Tooling in this new Aerospace Manufacturing & Design article.

4/18/2012  Using Analytics to Gain a Competitive Edge
Data analytics, especially predictive analytics, offers a different opportunity to understand how and why certain factors are impacting the bottom line.

4/11/2012  Technology to Cut Costs Finds Favor in the Automotive Sector
Technology developed in the US to help manufacturers cut costs is making inroads into the British automotive sector. The software, developed by US firm aPriori, has been on the market since 2003 and the company is currently targeting engineering firms in Britain where it is working with the big car companies.

2/1/2012  First In, First to Win
aPriori customer SFI is profiled in this month's edition of trade magazine The Fabricator. In this article, SFI Head Estimator Hashim Alsaffar is interviewed, and describes the resounding success they have had improving their quoting process by implementing aPriori product cost management software. To learn more, follow the link in the article title above.

1/11/2012  Making It In America
In the past decade, the flow of goods emerging from U.S. factories has risen by about a third. Factory employment has fallen by roughly the same fraction. The story of Standard Motor Products, a 92-year-old, family-run manufacturer based in Queens, sheds light on both phenomena. It’s a story of hustle, ingenuity, competitive success, and promise for America’s economy. It also illuminates why the jobs crisis will be so difficult to solve.

10/3/2011  Key Principles of Effective Product Cost Management
The benefits of a systematic product cost management (PCM) program are significant, yet many manufacturers struggle to implement these initiatives effectively. This article discusses some key principles to guide and execute an effective PCM program for maximum impact.

9/26/2011  Product Cost a Priority? Not Now, I'm Busy
aPriori Founder Eric Hiller writes in a guest blog on Tech-Clarity that Product Cost is constantly jockeying with other critical product development priorities, but must be considered by any company that wants to consciously manage profitability.

7/11/2011  The Cost of Innovation
When it comes to product innovation, manufacturers readily pour massive amounts of money into R&D just to be sure they have an edge in their industry. In the beginning stages, the budget can be very loose for those enthusiastic CAD engineers who, glued to their desktop, are creating the next best thing, and, we think, are not worrying about what it would take to make.

5/17/2011  Software firm aPriori adds $4.9M in new funding round
Investors in software maker aPriori Technologies Inc. have served up $4.9 million in new funding to the Concord company, according to federal documents.

5/16/2011  aPriori Technologies Raises $4.9M
aPriori Technologies Inc. has raised $4.86 million

7/9/2010  Did PLM Give Up on Product Cost Management?
Tech Clarity author Jim Brown discusses how product cost is not getting the attention it deserves in PLM in this recent article.

4/14/2010  aPriori is Featured on 21st Century Business Television Series
On Saturday, April 17, 2010, the 21st Century Business Television series featured aPriori and it's industry leading Product Cost Management solution on the Fox Business News channel. 21st Century Business is an award winning targeted business show that is independently produced by Multi-Media Productions. The show provides its business viewers an in depth opportunity to find solutions to the industry problems from some of the top business leaders from across the world.

4/1/2010  aPriori Customer Gardner Denver Celebrates 150th Anniversary
aPriori customer Gardner Denver says it will never stop trying to make improvements to its manufacturing processes. Already a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of compressors, pumps and blowers and marking its 150th anniversary last year, the company has recently undertaken a massive culture shift toward leaner production and a stronger concentration on listening to the customer.

3/26/2010  Plastic Technology - Higher Prices Prevail
Prices of all four commodity resins were moving up last month and in some cases into this month. Look for a push toward higher prices throughout the entire first quarter, according to purchasing consultants at Resin Technology, Inc. (RTI) in Fort Worth, Texas. With commodity prices fluctuating wildly, aPriori Product Cost Management technology allows you to rapidly understand the impact of increases in resin prices.