How aPriori Works

Through an innovative, patented understanding of how product design, materials and manufacturing processes translate into product costs, aPriori is helping leading manufacturing and product companies improve overall financial performance.

How aPriori Reduces Product Costs & Increases Manufacturing Profit

How aPriori Reduces Product Costs in Manufacturing: Click Image to Enlarge

aPriori’s revolutionary capabilities can instantly (and precisely) determine the cost of a part or product from a CAD model, the materials to be used and the factory where it will be produced. Now, with a click of a button, organizations can get a precise, real-time cost assessment for any product at any time during the design, manufacturing planning or production process.

Through aPriori’s real-time, precise product cost assessments, everyone in an organization who impacts or manages cost – including design engineering, manufacturing, sourcing, cost management, finance and management -- always understands the ramifications of every product-related decision they make. As changes are made to designs, materials, manufacturing processes, factory locations and more, aPriori automatically re-assesses the product and provides an updated product cost. Using this new level of cost knowledge, aPriori customers make better product-cost decisions to significantly reduce the cost of their products.

With aPriori, organizations are realizing hard-dollar savings that measurably impact overall financial results. aPriori helps it customers measurable increase profit by:

  • Reducing Cost of Goods Sold – by lowering product costs (material, labor, overhead)

  • Increasing Revenue – through faster time-to-market achieved by streamlining quoting and costing processes

  • Decreasing SG&A Expenses – by eliminating the need for post-launch re-design and re-sourcing activities, and reducing late-stage engineering changes

For more details on aPriori is helping manufacturing and product companies reduce the costs of their products, view one of our webinars or watch one of our demonstrations.

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