Customers & Industries Using aPriori

While many software companies talk about ROI, aPriori delivers easily quantifiable product cost savings that have never been possible before.

Find out how industry leading companies such as Ford Motor Company, AGCO Corporation, Polaris, NCR and ThyssenKrupp are using aPriori product cost management to save hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars every year each year.  The eBook we have assembled here represents a collection of real world projects completed by our customers, and illustrates the savings they have identified from using aPriori.


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Customers Using aPriori

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Industries Using aPriori

With support for the most frequently used manufacturing processes – including sheetmetal and bar/tube fabrication, sand and die casting, injection molding, machining, stage tooling, assembly and more – aPriori is used to cost a wide range of products, from tractors, to forklifts, HVAC equipment, snowmobiles, engines, trucks, ATMs, mail machines and more.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Agricultural Equipment / Heavy Equipment / Industrial Equipment
    Meeting target costs at product launch traditionally has been a challenge for companies in the agricultural / heavy / industrial equipment industries as they lack access to accurate cost data early in the development process. aPriori’s real-time “should cost” assessments make cost data available sooner, making cost targets more achievable. With the increase in parts outsourced to suppliers, sourcing professionals can use aPriori’s “should cost” details to make sure they never overpay suppliers for their parts.
  • Automotive / Transportation / Recreational Vehicles
    aPriori’s ability to cost metal and plastic parts, welded assemblies and more helps OEMs and suppliers get better control over their part and product costs. With Cost of Goods sold usually between 75 and 90 percent of revenue, companies in these markets are extremely cost sensitive. Using aPriori to reduce product costs even by a small percentage yields exponential results to profit margin.
  • Durable Goods / Appliances
    Companies that make products with a high concentration of metal and plastic parts – including refrigerators, ovens, air conditioners, motors, generators, and other large and small appliances and durable goods – can take advantage of aPriori’s real-time cost information to keep prices low in highly competitive markets.
  • Electronics & High Technology (EHT)
    With medium to high production volumes, the mechanical spend for high tech devices (e.g., computers, printers, scanners, labratory equipment, medical devices, etc.) can be significant. By supporting stage tooling, progressive die and injection molding plastic processes, aPriori can help cost-reduce new and existing parts for companies that produce computer equipment, audio & video equipment, communications equipment, instruments and control equipment, laboratory equipment and other high tech products.


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