aPriori 2012r1

Introduces New Capabilities for Costing Plastic Components, Expanded Enterprise Architecture to Enable Internationalization and Localization and Numerous Customer Enhancements

aPriori 2012r1 offers new capabilities and enhancements that expand the platform’s cost optimization functionality with new baseline processes for manufacturers in automotive, consumer products, industrial equipment and medical equipment. The release also extends aPriori’s enterprise architecture, providing a common platform and view of product costs across an organization, supporting new international costing capabilities and enabling consistent repeatable costing processes. As a result, discrete manufacturers are able to expand their product cost management efforts to new product lines and plants, improve decision-making in product design, and speed time to market for new products and parts.

Key New Capabilities in aPriori’s 2012r1 Product Cost Management Platform

Expanded Costing of Plastics Components - In response to demand from companies in automotive, consumer products, industrial equipment and medical equipment, aPriori 2012r1 significantly expands its ability to cost plastics components, including both piece parts and tooling costs. This enables users to cost entire products and examine the cost differences between plastic processes such as thermoforming or injection molding. New baseline cost models in aPriori 2012r1 include:

  • Thermoforming - including drape forming and vacuum forming, allows customers to cost production and tooling costs for parts made from heavy gauge sheet plastic, such as fender wells and interior door panels. aPriori users can also examine trade-offs between different manufacturing processes earlier in the product lifecycle.
  • Structural Foam Molding - supports costing larger, thicker parts such as utility boxes, palettes and components in child safety seats
  • Reaction Injection Molding - supports costing varying sized, detailed components that may have a high-quality surface finish.

Cross-System Cost Integration

Enterprises are continuously encountering cost information isolated in disparate systems, with the need to reconcile information and push data into their system of record. With aPriori 2012r1, users have the ability to run aPriori from a command line prompt to auto-schedule the generation of output files to feed costs to downstream systems and reports for users and managers on an ongoing basis. This enables manufacturers to easily disseminate cost information across their organizations and provides a systematic, consistent view of cost.

Internationalization Infrastructure

With its successful expansion into Europe in the last year and the increasing number of global enterprise deployments of its cost management platform, aPriori has added new internationalization infrastructure to its latest version. aPriori 2012r1 includes new regional Virtual Production Environments (VPEs) for Germany and the United Kingdom and the ability to view data in metric or imperial units. It also supports the localization of the system for different regional languages and user preferences. A German language version of aPriori will be available in May 2012 .

Automated Bulk Analysis for Increased Throughput

Cost engineering groups can now set up and schedule a batch cost analysis of hundreds or thousands of parts at a time. This automated capability enables users to cost many more products and parts while also leaving more time to focus on a short list of exceptions and components that can deliver the highest value in cost savings.

Easy Cost Data Re-Use

aPriori’s latest release also adds the ability to copy settings from one-component to another. This enables users to reuse existing cost data as design components change names and part numbers throughout their lifecycle.

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